Word up and welcome to my main office, here i infrequently post about what im working on. Sometimes its icon designs, paintings, music or even web experiments. My name is Tha PHLASH, Urban Artist in Montreal.

Featured Works


A mural i did for a kid school in 2006. This was a great time because the kids saw this production live (kinda intrigued) to see all this was made with a ladder sure vertigo everytime, guess that's what happens when you are on a budget.

A Big thanks to Margot for making this happen and REG for holding the ladder while i was up there haha!

Latest News

Traveling to distant land

…delivering pumpkins to the inhabitants from the land of RANDOM, a remote community of icon phantasm.

Sometimes (admittedly its very rare) the doors of that magical places open up and for a brief moment can let unexpected visitors in. You should try.

Tha Pumpkin coming soon