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The Android Wear Roundup is back baby!

by +Matthew Sholtz

37 new and notable Android Wear apps and watch faces from 9/1/16 – 7/19/17
Okay, you may have noticed that it has been quite a while since the last Android Wear Roundup. The good news is that I am here to take the reigns and get t… by Matthew Sholtz in Android Wear, Applications, News, Roundups, Videos

Little adjustment to my Android Wear 2.0 face collection. You can now install the watch face from your phone in one click.

I hope this will help with the incompatibility message from the Play Store and the confusion as to how to install a Android Wear 2.0 watch face.

Want to test it out? Just get my INTERNATIONAL watch face here:

Why should i make Android Wear 2.0 Watch Face if nobody knows how to install it??? Google Please fix it so content creators can keep… well… CREATING!

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PSA: Installing Android Wear 2.0 faces

AW2 brought with it a lot of new features, but also a number of significant changes to how we interact with our devices. One of the biggest changes is how apps and faces are installed to a watch.

No longer do apps automatically sync from your phone to your watch; you have to go into the Play Store on your watch