At popular demand this one is finally available so that you can create the interface of your dream.
Inspired by the popular Library Computer Access/Retrieval System of The Next Generation and Voyager.

Get the icon pack now as standalone here:

Made a few wallpapers too, you can grad the .zip file here:

=”proflinkPrefix”>+Android Central its nice to see this… hell im even gonna make a update right now and follow in the wake of awesomeness you're spreading!

Much love.

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Sometimes all you need is a solid icon pack.

Want the best Galaxy icons on your S8? Try these icon packs!
Samsung has a unique take on their icons on the Samsung Galaxy S8… the problem is that unique style only extends to a handful of apps. Want that style with more consistence? No problem.

My carrier contract is up so im thinking of getting the Galaxy S8, just made this icon pack for it (you can get it too if you like i made it standalone)

So yeah… im thinking about it…

Tha S-Eight icon pack available now as a standalone here:

Also, these day you can find me on Periscope, come say hi: