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I make Periscope music sessions quite often, you should really get into the action by simply following me there… easy peezy!

Come by and we'll talk android and all…

𝓣𝓱π“ͺ π“Ÿπ“±π“΅π“ͺ𝓼𝓱 @ThaPHLASH
πŸ”₯The Notorious B.I.G.πŸ”₯ As we proceed to give you what you need #NotoriousBIG #Music #Mix #HipHop #RIPBIG .@PeriscopeTV

  1. Michael Anthony Bisceglia Reply

    +Tha Phlash​ I've been by! The shows are lit af. That's why I suggested twitch. I run a stream team there with 50+ streamers from a variety of things. Youd get a following the lightning fast and I wouldn't be surprised if you got partnered equally quick!

  2. Tha Phlash Reply

    +Michael Anthony Bisceglia Q: I perform my DJ sets at house parties. Can I broadcast those?

    ​A: No, unless you have the necessary rights from each of the copyright owners to do so. Mixing music created by musicians other than yourself may make your content liable to a DMCA takedown request and may may make you liable to a claim from the copyright owner. The underlying music, including samples, will be subject to Twitch’s audio recognition system.

    Remember, Twitch is a video platform, so any audio-only content will be subject to takedown.


    So i guess Twitch is not gonna happen for me bruh…

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