Basically this website used to be a portfolio for my paintings and computer works, but recently i just use it has a place holder for my social media links.

From Montreal Canada i grew up in Laval on the north coast of Montreal. As a child I loved drawing and painting . Through my teens I continued. Started to make a living in my field, painted my first wall and then a few thousand paintings…

These experiences improved my drawing skills and ability to work quickly under pressure as well as giving me an education inside the art industry.

Here are the fields that am still active on.

For the past few years as a virtual Dj on Periscope closely linking my creations to virtual reality and the various ways to connect/create a community.

This has evolved to me being on Twitch Live-streaming and focusing more on the music aspect and visually more generative inclined imagery to produce ephemeral experiences.

Live Shows
The rest