A mural i did for a kid school in 2006. This was a great time because the kids saw this production live (kinda intrigued) to see all this was made with a ladder sure vertigo everytime, guess that's what happens when you are on a budget.

A Big thanks to Margot for making this happen and REG for holding the ladder while i was up there haha!


This mural was painted in Montreal and graciously sponsored by Nissan Canada... With Complete creative freedom these projects are above average as far as the fun factor goes, you can just go and create what you feel like at the moment. It covers all 3 sides of the building that reminded me of you guessed it? A Cube.

First Wall

During the year of 1996 i painted my first mural on a large wall for festival-de-mongolfieres-sur-richelieu. And a year later in 1997, wanting to relive this challenge, i painted the amazing mural your looking at now with some funds from Parasuco Jeans. That mural stayed there for a while (the picture below was taken 14 years later). The building probably collapse by now, but nonetheless it was the beginning for me in 1997 of a interesting painting journey. Sorry if these are scanned but in 1996 i had no camera, and lucky i borrowed a Polaroid for archives.


This project was awesome to do. Made in partnership with Jean-Philippe Cantin this was a complete branding for a alcoholic energy drink. We got to see our designs on literally everything ... and for years!


A very nice canvas i made for a friend with fall colors for his place, which is amazing BTW... This is a big airbrush piece separated in 4 panels. The attention to details is omnipresent in that one, really love it. Took me a solid month to make.


I made this mural in 2006 on the Club Wanda's in Montreal. It was a very challenging production to paint the complete exterior of this building. The inside was also painted and i had some fun with ultraviolet paint!