Tha-icon shop closed.

Word up old friend.

So if you’re reading this it means you remember Tha-Icon my beloved icon and Watchface website/business project. Sadly today, 11 August 2021, I had to shut it down. Exactly 10 years after my first icon pack in 2011.

Maintaining the servers for millions of icons and watchfaces was not cheap among other things, so since it was costing too much for awhile now this decision was my last recourse.

It was an online shop for my icons and watchfaces files and the code behind the website had seen better days. My official icon packs are still on Google Play so are the watchfaces i think… (google tends to render the work obsolete if i don’t consistently go play in there, which i don’t so …)

Now obviously im still around doing whatever interests me (Live streaming on Twitch) like i’ve always done… but the icon chapter is completed. Files are no longer available.

Thanks for the love!