Drop it like its updated!

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in Icon Pack ArchiveNews
Ready for you in the next few minutes.

Tha Drop: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thaphlash.drop

11 thoughts on “Drop it like its updated!”

  • Tom Rowland

    Respect Bro, not my cup of tea, but they look bloody amazing :O really like the watter drop effect.

    Snaps for you lol

  • Fabrice V.

    Cool m8! Thanks for all your efforts ! I just wanted to ask you, mister +Tha PHLASH​, about your other paks, like "tha shag", " tha flesh", "tha keyboard" (samples posted on XDA): will you ever make them available ?

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Fabrice V.  As long as you guys support me and my work. I can say with confidence, i'll get to it eventually yes.

  • Brandon F

    +Tha PHLASH have been wondering with these last few updates why I haven't gotten the WP email notification like I used to. Have you changed something up? Not a huge deal because you always post when you update a pack. Every now & then though, believe it or not, I might miss a post or two.

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Brandon F All updates made on Play are reflected on the website, i usually just overwrite the file with the new one but i dont send update notifications. I keep the update notifications for icon packs that are from my pre2014 era to notify user of the "major" update.

    Should i send a notifications for normal updates?

    lemme know

  • Brandon F

    If it's not a big pain in the nuts…… I've got so many packs that I bought from your website, I appreciate getting the WordPress notifications or any notifications for that matter. I usually stay on top of it pretty well with the community & your posts though. Like I said I don't know how big of a hassle it is for you?

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Brandon F ill make it happen… its only click for me… your good, ill try to remember it  🙂

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