How to smell like fish

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in Icon Pack ArchiveNews
If you're reading this you probably are in a rut. Maybe your spouse has left you. Maybe you recently got fired. Or maybe you're just bored. Every day is tedious and repetitive and tedious, and you just can't get anything out of life. 

It's like when I tell the kids, "CLEAN YOUR ROOM," and they just stare at me blankly like they're high on something.

Anyway, whatever your problem, you just want something new. Something to brighten your day. A nice change of pace. Well, there's no better way to add some zest to your life than to smell a bit like fish.

Kex has fish.

Come join the Vip community and test our fishy prototypes:

#KEX on Google play:

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