Participate with your art to tha KEX project!

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in Icon Pack ArchiveNews
And i will write epic poems of your greatness and sing praises of your wondrous feats so that they may be admired and eulogized by all.


Reshared post from +Alessandro Landra

Hi everyone!
today is your chance to get your wall in the upcoming beautiful +Phlash Tha icon pack  #KEX !
Yes your wall!
The contest is now open:
I) the wall/walls should be 2160 x 1920 px in .jpg extension
II) they should be uploaded and shared through dropbox link
III) you have only to comment the original post on my page with only the link to the file (one wall) or to a shared folder (moar walls)
IV) walls MUST BE designed by YOU

You have maxium ten days from today. We hope to receive lots of submission to turn a beautiful app in a wonderful app! Your name will be included in the credits of the app.
I ask you all to #reshare  in the communities you are in or to your graphic designer of choice 🙂

Thanks for joining

cc for serious artist of icons and walls: +Ryan Kelly +Samer Zayer +Kurt Colbeck +Ted Bates Jr +Jsin Jaques +Dave Kover +John Xionidis +Prash D +Justin Maller