STATION Watch Face gets a major update

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in NewsWatchface archive
Try it and you'll see its the best way to count the seconds until workday is over!

10 thoughts on “STATION Watch Face gets a major update”

  • patou raoult

    Magnifique cette montre

  • Heather Lamb

    Like it. Shared it. 🙂

  • Zsolt Szakacs

    +Tha PHLASH Bought it now for my Moto 360. I really like the look and the new features, but a few performance optimizations would be great. The second hand could move more fluent, even on the slow Moto, and when the watch changes to dim and the other way it could be more smooth.
    And this is just an idea, i don' know how it fits your design. What about changing the digital time and the Station text, so we could see time even when a peek card is shown.
    Nonetheless, great job!

  • Paris P.

    Just bought this. Can't switch day/night mode (setting won't change anything), can't find themes (only individual color changes) and can't find minimal mode etc. Where is all that?? I'm stuck with white watch face and turquoise text and I can't see a thing. Moto360

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Zsolt Szakacs  Great inputs my friend i've taken notes! +Paris P.  Have you activated "Auto Day/night" mode? i think thats why the manual switch is not active. And in the color picker i have presets of the theme colors… and i have a few more coming in the next update later this week.

  • Paris P.

    +Tha PHLASH​ toggled it a couple of times and it fixed itself. Thanks for the fast reply! This watchface is beautiful. Great job!

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Paris P. Awesome! And thanks for the luv, its appreciated!

  • Tarwinder J

    You have some very nice watch faces. I'm an aspiring developer and was wondering if I could ask you some questions?

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Tarwinder J sure mate, whats on your mind?

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