NAVI – Watch Face [updated]

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in NewsWatchface archive
Just a little heads-up to inform you of this latest update. It has many performance improvements, alongside new features!

get it here:

9 thoughts on “NAVI – Watch Face [updated]”

  • Corey James

    Hey man.. Love the update……but how do I choose the watchface after I go through the settings? Lol … I go through and adjust all the settings I want via AW app (not on the watch itself) and then when I'm done there is no way to "set" the watchface. I have to just back out and be left with the default face- unless I want to use the watch to setup my settings, which is def not my preferred method.

    What am I missing here ? 🙁

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Corey James  the intended behavior is that the changes are ported to the watch simultaneously as you play with the settings. If this is not happening.. you might need to consider re-installing it to make sure nothing went wrong. Lemme know!

  • Corey James

    +Tha PHLASH seems to have been delayed a little bit because my settings eventually synced to the watch. 🙂

  • Soul Extract

    Good to hear about updates! You have really done a phenomenal job here. This watch face is what made me want to get an Android watch. 🙂

  • Pedro Carneiro

    Thank you man! Updating my play store comment asap! Great work!

  • Pedro Carneiro

    Hey Plash, just updated my Store comment, but I'm still having problems with the weather and the battery meter for the phone doesn't works (I also did a factory reset on the watch, my phone is a Nexus 5X on 6.0, moved from a LG G4 on 5.0)

  • Tha PHLASH

    +Pedro Carneiro i need to look into it… stay tuned.

  • Edward Wolfe

    My Pimp Hand is so strong with this face!

  • David Johnson

    Just purchased this watch face for my moto360 and I love it. The auto day night mode is the best feature as I work outdoors in sunlight but by the computer at night. So I don't have to manually change it. Big big big thumbs up!!!
    But I wanted to ask you about a very minor annoyance in the face. If I tap the face the second hand seems to freeze for a moment. Is there anything I can do to eliminate this?? I see it is changing the battery report during this. But I just am tapping the fact to "re-brighten" the screen. Is there a setting I'm overlooking that might remove face response to screen tap??
    Thanks +Tha PHLASH​ I am recommending your watch faces to all my friends !!

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