Sad To Admit That CES Will Die Soon, Here’s Why:

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in Icon Pack ArchiveNews
(This article is by Jaime Rivera, and sums up my thoughts)

I remember a day when CES was the final frontier. It was the event everybody looked forward to, and I’m not just talking about the people that attend the show. Companies would seriously fight for a good spot to not only exhibit their products, but also used the show to tell the world about their plans and concepts for the year or years to come. It was even a sort of elite membership where if you didn’t use CES to promote your new gadgets, you simply didn’t exist in the world of tech.

—  CES has slowly become a cheap show — Read the full article here:

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Alright late night Plussers…check out the video of me and +Phlash Tha at CES.

15 thoughts on “Sad To Admit That CES Will Die Soon, Here’s Why:”

  • Ste Boyd

    Thats Bullshit!!

    Actually… They were worried you were more exciting than their products. Too cool for CES bro. 🙂

  • Phlash Tha

    haha +Ste Boyd … it was no problem previous years… but just goes to show how CES is morphing into something else…

  • Ste Boyd

    I've never been but heard loads of negative comments this year.

  • Steve Vereb

    You would think the organizers would embrace +Phlash Tha and others to showcase their platforms in other ways. Costs them nothing.  I now see manufacturers as having fragile egos.

  • Kevin Carter

    I think part of what we are seeing is the making of CES more public to begin with. Conventions like this, historically, were places for companies and professionals to market and network with each other. CES was somewhat more public so some media paid attention but coverage was never like this. I've a sneaking suspicion this really is more of an artifact of how public everything has become. CES of yore is gone and we'll probably never see a convention like it again. It's just too hard to keep the bloggers and media out. Unfortunately  this makes it difficult to keep the mystique that CES has had for so long alive.

  • George Price

    Wow. That wasn't cool.

  • Phlash Tha

    Yep +Kevin Carter  we are far from the CES of some years ago… Yup +George Price   As a paying visitor i should be able to dress how i like.. or receive notifications of dress code before i get there… i dunno… its all messed up to me…

  • Kevin Carter

    I actually completely skipped the video :$ and was just responding to the linked article, but in terms of the video, it may be a little douchy, but I can understand their position. As awesome as you in fact are, you do look an awful lot like a brand. Hell, you kindof are. (MOAR ART!) And you really should give them some credit; they could have kicked you out and not given you a reason. At least they were honest. It's a private event and, in all likelyhood, you fell under some definition of a vendor/brand/sponsor. It's silly, but yeah.

  • Phlash Tha

    Well +Kevin Carter  im a guy first and a brand later… i dont see them trowing out will-i-am cause he's knowed… o well…

  • Kevin Carter

    +Phlash Tha Except that will-i-am doesn't look like a mascot. Don't get me wrong, I think you're awesome, but people who don't actually know who you are are going to see you as just that.

    I think the Android community sometimes forgets just how small they are in the eyes of many of these organizations. You're excpetionally well known in the Android community, but most everyone in my social circles who isn't involved in the community somewhat actively has no idea who you are and I suspect none of the folks involved in tossing you do either. And lets be real: will-i-am has photos with the President; you don't have quite that much pull… 😛


  • Phlash Tha

    hahahaha indeed i dont! … Always do need to remember not to take myself so seriously. No one else does.. Life isn't fair, but it's still good 🙂

  • Kevin Carter

    Heh. Too true. Nothing but love for you Phlash. Your work is pretty amazing ^_^

  • Phlash Tha

    +Kevin Carter even if the community is small, you make me realize is quality over quantity 🙂  Thx for tha luv!

  • Shantel Dodson

    I don't even have to tell people what icons I'm using! They already know by looking at them! Dude… You paid money to dress any way you see fit!

  • Nicolas Sincere

    Glad I skipped CES this year. Think I will continue to skip it till +Phlash Tha is able to freely walk the halls!!!! Viva La Phlash!!

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