Tha September 11 icons

Posted by PHLASH January 11, 2024 in Icon Pack ArchiveNews
This pack is out only one day a year… and its free… you should check it out, one of a kind.

Will be available again next year ūüôā

12 thoughts on “Tha September 11 icons”

  • Luis Cortes

    Just downloaded. Thanks!

  • David Beaumont

    I dunno about this one. I can't help thinking that it's arguably in poor taste (would you do a Hiroshima one for example?)

  • Phlash Tha

    +David Beaumont¬†… my life changed on that day… bro… its very important to remember this day for me. If it means nothing for you, move on… but i know for a fact¬†there's¬†a few folks that will be touched by this like i was. I draw those with all my might.

  • David Beaumont

    Hmm, now I look again, I'm realizing that I may be mis-reading the images. Is that a cloud or a cloud of smoke in front of the right-hand tower?

  • Phlash Tha

    +David Beaumont¬† There is 2 versions in the pack… one with smoke.. one without… Its ok if you have an opinion about it, if i¬†wasn't¬†able to take¬†criticism¬†i would keep my drawings to myself. I simply wanted to mention how i felt about that day. And i accept how you feel as well… we are all brothers and sisters.

  • David Beaumont

    Ahh ok. I guess it's just that at a broader level I'm surprised that people might chose to commemorate an event like this with an image of the event itself actually happening. For example Hiroshima is commemorated with origami cranes and peace symbols, not images of the bombing.
    The fact you did two sets of icons is cool though. I wonder which will be downloaded more…

  • Steve Gonzales

    Well said Plash. I see that you poured your heart into this artwork and this day changed changed everyone's lives forever weather we think so or not. It took guts to release this icon pack because nowadays most people get so offended over everything. Way to pay your respects through your artwork by not forgetting this day.

  • Daniel Luaces

    These are awesome! When is the app going to be updated so I can get these?

  • Phlash Tha

    +Daniel Luaces¬† this is one of the pack that will not make it to the app… its exclusive for today… cause its a special day.

  • Daniel Luaces

    Ok, thanks, I will get on the website and get it that way. Great job on these by the way!

  • Michael Payton

    I'll take +David Beaumont download since I missed the download day. Danggit! (Napoleon Dynamite)

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